How you know.

What I do,

Truly love so.

I wrote a little poem about this fun little treat, why would I do that? Well it's because this treat does something that I'm sure it had no intention of doing, but does so well. It's a treat you can pick apart and eat. I kind of have a fidgety type personality, or as some people like my kindergarten teacher might call it, a problem. Candies like these are great for me because I can peel them apart for no other reason than because I have the need to fidget.

Not only do these fulfil my fun little obsessive fidget needs, they're also not bad to eat. The outside is chewy while the inside is soft and creamy. The flavours are fun too, I don't know if I could place them all on the fruit chart but they're not bad at all. They’re really fun to play with and also fun to eat, that’s a pretty good candy in my book.

I one thing I don't really understand is the magician on the front of the bag. There’s nothing really magical about these candies, other than the fact that they can occupy my hands and my taste buds. The only difference I’d like to see is trying these as longer strings instead of the nubby little bits. This would give me more to play with, and more to eat.