Angry Birds

Bilar "Sveriges mest kopta bil"

Black Ace Liquorice

Blue Bone

Box Of Boogers

Cactus Candy

Champagne Bears

Cheese Cake

Chocolate Licorice Pandas

Chupa Chups Jellies

Chupa Chups Jellies "Daisies"

Creamsicle Candy Twist Peaches and Cream

Crunchy Gummies


Disney Character Gummies

Double Zout Drops

Drumstick Squashies "Raspberry & Milk Flavour"

Dutch Licorice

Dutch Themed Drops

Emoji Gummies

Energade Sports Jellies

Extreme Gummy Cola

Filled Licorice "Concord Grape"


Fudgecicle Candy Twist

Fruitfull "au chocolat"

Fruit Snacks "Mixed Fruit"

Fun Gums "Fried Eggs"

Fuzzy Peach

Godis Frukt

Gormet Filled Sea Animals

Gummi Bear-Rings

Gummi Carrots

Gummy Airplanes

Gummy Bands

Gummy Bears

Gummy Belt

Gummy Bug

Gummy Bunny "Lemon"

Gummy Candy Corn

Gummy Crème Brûlée

Gummy Earthworms

Gummy Gators

Gummy Ice Cream Cone

Gummy Lips

Gummy Mango

Gummy Nerds

Gummy Orange

Gummy Pigs

Gummy Pizza

Gummy Pop Corn

Gummy Pumpkins

Gummy Sushi

Gummy Swirls

Gummy Teeth

Ingwer-Zitrone (Lemon Ginger)

Jellies Khatti Meethi Imlee

Jellies Mirch Masala

Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews

Juicy Banana Gummies

Juicy Bugs Candy

Juicy Squirts Berry

Koume Umeboshi Gummy

Lemon Sour Things

Les Schtroumpfs

Life Savers Gummie Savers

Les Mini-Sachets

Loukoum With Mastiha

Minty Polar Bears

Moshi Monsters

Mother of Pearl

Mr. Small and Little Miss Tiny “Soft Gummy Sweets”

Natural Vines "Stawberry" Licorice

Nigi Nigi Sushi Shop

Oh Cool!

OK Gummy Ice Cream

Papa Bear Gummies "Red"



Pure Fruit Gummy "Love of Fate"



Salta Katten

Squidgy Speak


Smarties Gummies

Snow Cones

Sour Belts

Sour Cherry Blasters

Sour Patch Chillerz

Sour Patch Kids (Irish Version)

Sour Patch Kids (North American Version)

Sour Patch Kids "Tricksters"

Sour Patch Kids "Tropical"

Sour Punch Bits "Strawberry – Watermelon"

Sour Raspberry

Spearmint Leaves

Spiced Rum & Cola Cuba Libre

Spicy Chili Ginger Hearts

Sprinkled Gummy Berries

Starburst Gummies "Original"

Strawberry Jelly

Super Sour Hearts

Swedish Berries



Twizzlers Filled Twists "Caramel Apple"

Uma Soda Gummy

Warheads Sour Chews

Weird Gummies

Wild Strawberry Fields

Wine Gums

Wine Gums "Special Edition Canada 150"


Zout Drops