Swirl Gummy Bears


I have a new issue with gummy products as of late. I've noticed many new gummy treats that are swirled in my local bulk stores and it's making me a little worried. I worry because many of these treats really don't have the flavour or texture to back up how cool they look. In fact, most don't have the colour or texture to match regular gummies on the market today. It seems like a trend that’s designed to make candy look cool, but there’s not thought about how it tastes.

I'm thinking that the look, in the case of these bears is really the main selling point, and that's a shame. I'm sure that candy companies have the ability to give these cute crazy looking bears some great flavour, but instead they just focus on making them look cool. Don't get me wrong an ugly gummy product is a sad sight as well, but really if you want to impress me, or any gummy fanatic, throw some cool flavours in with your cool looking gummies.

These might have worked out if maybe they had a nice strong fruity flavour, with a hint of crème. More variety of colours and more flavours would have also been nice since they only come in two colours and what appears to be one flavour. The texture wasn't great either, way too rubbery and a little too much work for my jaw.