Juicy Bugs Candy


From the land of gross-out candy, once again we are served with a disgusting idea with a not-so-disgusting taste. Sure, you can get all kinds of candy with real bugs in it, but for the most part people aren't really brave enough to eat them. The idea here is to give you all the fun of eating a bug without actually having to eat a bug. Sure, we may have had this pleasure when gummy worms came out years ago, but in this case the idea is to take it one step further and include little gooey-like centers. The thought behind the center is to give you a more authentic bug eating experience. I think the only way you could take it any further is to include a crunchy coating on your goo filled gummy bug.

Having eaten real bugs in my life (don't ask), I have to say that these things are nothing like the real thing. Not that I was expecting it really, in fact I'm glad it's not. What you basically get is gummies with goo in the middle. The fun part is pretending you're eating little bugs.... Actually, the really fun part is the names they give the bugs. For example, I've just finished eating a "Dugg Slugg" gummy. The flavour is ok, a little different from most gummies, although the goo inside has little to no real flavour of its own.

It's a really strange game that we play with our heads. We want to pretend to eat bugs, but if the real thing presents itself, we’re very unlikely to take it on. I’m not sure if this is a test of strength that we know we can win, or if it’s some other primaeval instinct that’s stuck in our brain.