Gummi Belt "Cola"


Yummy. These things are one of the best gummies out there. While the idea of a long thin belt of gummy is simple, it’s also very creative as well. That’s because when I was a kid, gummies only came in a few different shapes and sizes. Most of the shapes of gummies followed one particular form, some kind of lump. The lump wasn’t a boring lump, gummies were often shaped into fun lump shapes like bears or worms. The focus of gummies at the time was to make something that had a visually fun shape. The focus was never on how to deliver this chewy gummy texture in the best way possible. It was always a focus on how to make this novelty more fun to look at.

The gummy belt is where all of that changed. The gummy belt delivers a soft gummy candy in a way that really makes the chewiness and flavour shine. Sure, it’s not really that fun to look at, but the fun starts when you bite into it. Gummy belts are also a great way to add a secondary sour element. Because of the shape and the amount of surface area, the gummy belt delivers a sour punch better than most gummies out there. If you eat too many of these bad boys you're bound to implode with sour goodness.

Of all the flavours, cola (this particular flavour) is one of the best. Even though you’re not getting the fun cola bottle shape you often find in most cola gummies, the balance of flavour, texture, and sour make this a great treat to eat.

What can I say, fun to eat and a great taste, welcome to gummy heaven.