Gummy Bears


Who doesn't like gummy bears, really? I mean, they're squishy, they're fruity and they're bears. This is a treat that I'm not even really sure why I'm reviewing it because it's such a classic, and unless they do something extremely stupid like change the flavour of them, I'll always love them. These treats are one of the inspirations that led to my love of candy, so why wouldn't I love them a whole lot? What I’m saying is that anybody who’s my age has a certain nostalgia for gummy bears. These were the first gummies we ever had (historically they’re actually the first gummies ever), and every gummy has to compare to them. They were so popular in the 1980s that they had their own television show.

It’s almost impossible to look at these objectively, but I guess if I had to pick on something it would be that the texture can get to you after a while; my jaw hurts if I eat too many. This is can vary depending on how fresh they are as well. If you get a really fresh batch then you can eat a hundred of these things before your jaw starts to tire out at all. If they’re a bit old then it might start hurting after the first 20 or so.

If I look at these objectively from a novelty standpoint its hard to say. I mean, it's a little strange eating bears, but they do make for great fun if you bite them apart and re-create Frankenstein’s creatures. I’ve read that they were inspired from performing circus bears in Germany, so that explains it a little.