Gummy Mango


I'm not really sure if this review is a fair review, I think the gummy mangos I've purchased are kind of stale. This is one of the biggest peeves I have with bulk candy stores, stale candy. The strange thing about stale candy however is that it doesn't always ruin a treat. Sometimes a candy is greatly improved when it's been on the shelves too long. I would argue that this gummy is the perfect example of this.

The one thing about stale gummies is it rarely changes the taste. It might dull down the taste a little bit, but often the flavour is still there. In this case the mango flavour is still there, although it's fairly subtle. It's a fine mango flavour and it's not just a slight variation of another gummy flavour. This mango is unique and tastes pretty close to a real mango. I'm actually surprised that more companies don't make mango gummies since the flavour works so well in this medium. It's also a rare enough fruit that people might enjoy something a little exotic as a treat.

The main thing that's changed with the stale state of this candy is the texture. These gummies had a pretty hard crusty exterior giving way to a fairly chewy interior. Again, I'm not 100% sure that these are stale, but this is a common texture for stale gummies. The thing that I liked about these gummies in this state was that it had a crunchy outside that gave way to a flavourful and chewy middle. Mangos have a tough skin that gives way to a juicy centre, so I really liked how this possibly stale gummy reflected its original fruit.

The only way I'll ever know if these were stale is to find these gummies fresh. Unfortunately, I feel that this is highly unlikely. Maybe the fresh ones are far superior, but that's a pretty tall order, because they were pretty fine in this current state.