Gummy Bands "with Messages"

Flix Candy

This pretty much seems like a bad idea. As an adult I say this but as a kid the idea of wearing a sticky candy treat around my wrist would at first seem like a great idea. That way I could ride my bike and eat my candy at the same time. It would all work out until I wiped out in the grass and my candy got all covered in dirt and grass. Then I'd spend the next 10 minutes picking the grass and dirt all off my sticky gummy band so I could eat it.

Now by the time I review these I'm sure the trend of wearing bands with fun slogans will be out of style, so just bear with me. Normally with this many flavours I would do a small review for each, but let's be honest I generally hate watermelon and apple flavoured treats and seeing as two of these bands fall into that category I'm just going to let them sit. The other two options are pineapple and some kind of blue raspberry maybe? This really doesn't give me much option; I'll go for the mystery blue.

My band has the word TFAM written on it, although it could be that the F is an E because the bottom was ripped off. It also does not fit on my wrist, no wait with a bit of a struggle I got it on, and now I want it off. Wow it really stretches, and that stretching makes it super hard to bite into it. I'm starting to doubt the idea that these are candies and maybe they’re just scented wristbands.

The flavour also doesn't make me feel any better either, or that complete lack of it. I basically think I just ate a piece of rubber, I think I might want to read the package just to be safe.