The Zagnut is a classic American candy. It's one of those treats that's been around for a while, so I imagine it has a following. The problem is, I don't really understand why it's survived. The only reason I think this bar needs to exist is for those out in the world that love Butterfinger bars, or Crispy Crunch bars, but for some horrible reason can't eat chocolate. My made up theory about why this bar was invented goes as follows: During the depression a well known candy maker had a problem, his peanut brittle bar was really popular, but he couldn't afford to buy the chocolate to coat his perfect bar. Maybe there was some kind of trade embargo, or blockade of cocoa transport ships. The only thing he could find that was even slightly exotic was coconut. He quickly devised a plan to coat his normally fantastic chocolate bar in coconut instead and keep the peanut brittle like centre.

If my completely made up story is true, the only reason this bar survives today is because older folks kept eating it because it reminded them of days gone by. Then these older people raised their kids on this bar, and would tell stories of how this coconut coated bar made them so happy in the bad times. These kids would be used to this bar, and it would remind them of their grandparents and parents (sort of like how I get all nostalgic whenever I'm near a paper mill).

It's not that I think the Zagnut bar is horrible, the peanut brittle like centre is tasty and it has a great texture. I just can't figure out why you'd want to ruin this wonderful crunchy center with a coconut coating. The only redeeming thing about this coconut coating is that it's very thin. It's not a strong coconut flavour, so the peanut flavour is much more dominant.