Yums Fruity Chew


I always used to think of Skittles as being a simple candy. But not simple like chocolate is simple. Chocolate appears to be simple, but is really complex in both how you make it and in the elements that make it up. Skittles on the other hand always seemed like the process is fairly simple, and although the idea was clever, I always felt like they wouldn't be hard to make. I always thought with the right machines, just about anybody could make a Skittle. Apparently, I was wrong.

You're probably wondering why I'm writing so much about Skittles on a review for a candy called Yums. It's fairly simple; this candy is just a cheap rip off of Skittles. I never thought that you could rip off Skittles in a cheap way either, since I thought they were fairly simple to make. As it turns out it does take some serious skill to get the candy coating to have a consistent shape and thickness. It also takes a lot of research to get the fruit flavours to work so well.

The folks at CandyLand probably had the same mental process that I had going through there minds when they decided to rip off Skittles. They thought, how hard could these be to make, all we have to do is invest in a few decent candy machines and we're set. They, just like me, were very wrong.

Basically, each one of these candies was somehow deformed, they either had lumps on them, or they weren't exactly round. The flavours were also fairly disappointing, in particular the strange apple like green ones. The colours could have been brighter as well, as I had a hard time differentiating the red and orange candies in some light. They were pretty much a second rate bag of Skittles, and I didn't even know that this could be done.