Yogurt Bubble Gum


I have to be honest; I bought this gum on the novelty alone. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of a yogurt flavoured bubble gum. I wasn’t expecting to love this gum, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy any part of it, I wasn’t really sure why I bought this gum in the first place. I was expecting a really weird and slightly disgusting gum experience, but in actuality his gum is not that bad. While I’m sure the fact that I was expecting something horrible had some influence on my feelings about this gum, I think it still holds up pretty well.

I don't know what freakish mix of artificial flavors they mixed in order to make this gum, but it actually tastes like yogurt. I guess my next question would be who would want to chew yogurt flavored gum, but after chewing it myself I’ve realised that I just might be that person. The ingredient list wasn't much help when trying to figure out what makes up a fake yogurt flavour. The package says that it contains “artificial yogurt flavour”.

While I kind of enjoyed the strange yogurt flavour, it did suffer from a problem many gums suffer, the flavour dies very quickly. It started to lose its flavor almost as soon as I put it in my mouth. It’s strange, I was really worried that I would find the yogurt flavour to be kind of gross, and in the end I was disappointed that it didn’t last.

Chew Time 2:12