White Rabbit "Chocolate Creamy Candy"

Food General Factory

The original White Rabbit is a candy that I’ve been eating since I was a child. I can’t remember a time before tasting the original flavour of these tasty chews. In fact, the original White Rabbit might have been the first imported candy I’d ever eaten. So, you can imagine how excited I was to see that there was a new White Rabbit to try, and best of all it was chocolate. Chocolate is a good flavour for chewy candies, it seems to work with most of them. It’s also nothing too weird, Asian candies can sometimes experiment with weird flavours (at least to the western pallet). Trying weird flavours can be a fun thing, however because of my fond memories of this treat, I don’t know if I was prepared for something too weird.

The candy itself had all of the traits of the classic White Rabbit candy. It had the weird rice paper outer layer that melts in your mouth, and it still had that unmistakable creamy flavour... sort of. The creamy flavour did have a strange secondary flavour as well, one that would be a little stronger in the after taste. It was a chocolate like flavour, but very subtle, almost impossible to identify as chocolate. If they weren’t brown and if the words “chocolate creamy candy” weren’t on the bag, I may not have guessed that these were chocolate right off the bat. I might have guessed it by the after taste, but certainly not on the first few chews.

I have mixed feelings about this candy. I’m happy that it mostly retained its classic White Rabbit flavour, but I’m sad about the quality of the chocolate flavour. I think I would have liked it to be stronger on the chocolate front, but I still enjoyed eating these as they were. They certainly aren’t better than the originals, but they may have been closer with a better chocolate flavour.