33% Cocoa Hokey Pokey Milk Chocolate Bar


I'm not sure if this bar is named after a cheesy dance...or if a cheesy dance was named after this bar. But either way this bar has no similarities at all to the most famous wedding dance ever. This bar is far classier than its dancing counterpart and doesn’t involve putting any part of your body into circles.

A "Hokey Pokey" is a simple treat by design, fine chocolate with little honeycomb bits inside it. As is with all simple treats, it's never as simple as you might think, and it can be screwed up very easily. The balance of chocolate to honeycomb has to be perfect, and the size of the honeycomb bits is critical as well. Simplicity in the candy world is never that, it’s almost always about quality and balance in the ingredients.

Fortunately, Whittaker's pulls this treat off very well. The smooth milk chocolate is perfectly balanced to the perfect sized bits of honeycomb. The only thing I might change about this treat is the strength of the flavour of the honeycomb. It could have been a little more toasted and I think it might be a little better. As it stands the honeycomb flavour is a little lost in the chocolate flavour wise.