Ice Cream Waffle Bar


Brilliance in an ice cream treat is really something that one does not see every day. I say brilliance and I mean this more in design than in execution with this treat. The brilliant design isn't even that simple, and it's not one of those things that you can say "I should have thought of that" because I can't see it being conceived at all.

This treat consists of ice cream, filled with a chocolate centre (it's a hard chocolate centre but more on that later), then the ice cream is covered again in chocolate (again the hard stuff), and finally the entire thing is wrapped in a waffle shaped outer layer. The outer layer is the consistency and flavour of your average cone, not too sweet so it balances with the chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

The ice cream is pretty good as well, nothing spectacular but a basic vanilla, perfect for accentuating any other flavours one might want to put into this treat. The problem I have with this comes with the chocolate coatings I had mentioned earlier. First of all, the chocolate in the centre was hard, and I just don't think that worked at all, something soft like a chocolate sauce would have been so much better. Also, the chocolate on the outside of the ice cream and inside of the cone was not only the hard stuff as well but there was barely any there. I actually came across portions of the cone that were bare of any chocolate at all.

It was very disappointing to have these kinds of flaws in a treat that could have been perfect and creative. Even with the flaws I still think it was pretty good and worth trying.