One of the biggest problems I have reviewing classic treats is the past. I have such memories with so many treats that often I find it difficult to give a fair and unbiased review. Today, though, I'll give it a try. Many of you have asked me to review some of the classics, so here goes.

The main problem with reviewing classic treats is that you know they have to be pretty good. I mean they've been around for so long; chances are they're great. That or the candy companies have had long enough to perfect them, it’s not like Nestle hasn’t made a million Twix bars already. The Twix bar is no exception. It's good, really good. The balance between the chocolate, cookie and caramel is almost perfect. The cookie is nice; it's crunchy and not too overpowering. The caramel is just chewy enough but also has a really smooth flavour. I like a caramel that doesn't run too much but isn't rock hard as well, although sometimes a runny caramel can be ok.

The only real fault in this bar has to be the chocolate. Sure, the quality is ok, but I've had better. Now I know I'm coming across as a candy snob, but it seems that many candy companies aren't using the best chocolate that they can. I've said this a thousand times, and I'll say it again: better chocolate is out there, check out UK chocolate bars. Why can't these companies just bring that level up a little bit more? It would make the bars absolutely perfect.