Twiggies "Cream Dream Vanilla"


I think we can all agree that these are a copy of Twinkies. I don't even have to open the package to guess that these are going to be some kind of Twinkies rip off. The name sounds like Twinkies (sort of), there's a yellow mascot on the front (kind of like Twinkie the Kid), and the picture of the cake on the package looks identical to a Twinkie. Normally this kind of thing ticks me off, I don't normally like the idea of a rip-off treat, but there's a slight exception in this case. The exception is that in Malaysia, where I bought this cake, they do not sell Twinkies. So the folks at Gardenia saw a hole in the market, and filled it, much like a Twinkie is filled with yummy cream. I'm not saying that I love this treat (read below and you'll find out why), but I don't really mind the idea of a company copying a popular treat if they're selling it in a place where the original is not sold.

The thing I don't like about this treat, is the fact that they didn't managed to rip-off the Twinkie very well. There are several problems with these cakes that make them far less superior to the original. The first problem is the lack of cream. I would say that there's about half the amount of cream in one of these than you might find in a Twinkie. The cream being the best part of a Twinkie, makes this a rather dry and boring cake. Another problem is the density of the cake itself. It's much more dense than a Twinkie, and along with the fact that there's less cream makes this a much more solid cake, but not in a good way.

The final thing I didn't like about this cake is the lack of vanilla flavour. The cake had a slight vanilla flavour, the cream on the other hand had no vanilla flavour at all. So this cake was really dense, lacked enough cream, and was fairly flavourless.

I guess if you've never had a Twinkie before, you might be a bit more satisfied with these Twiggies. If you're a Twinkie fan, you might want to give these a pass.