Trader Joe's Boffo Bar

Trader Joe's

This is probably the best tasting chocolate bar I've ever been totally disappointed with. This bar has one thing going for it, quality ingredients. The chocolate is smooth, the nuts fresh and crunchy, the nougat although a little over whipped is tasty and the caramel tasted great. There's just one thing that ruins this bar, it's lazy.

As soon as I opened this bar, I was a little nervous. When I looked at the bottom of the bar, I noticed strange little blobs of nougat that appeared to have been leaking out of this bar. After a few bites I realized that there were only about six peanut halves in this bar as well, and they where crammed together leaving a great deal of the bar with no nuts at all. Even the creative design of the bar is lazy, it's just a lesser quality Snickers bar. I can forgive over whipped nougat, but these other flaws tell me that Trader Joe's just doesn't care about the quality of manufacturing. These aren't cost cutting measures (although the whipped nougat might be), this is just lazy.

To me this bar was a waste of the fine ingredients that made it up. Of the 5 or 6 bites I took of this bar, only 2 or 3 seemed complete. This bar was so all over the place, I could swear it might have been a factory error, but if that’s the case, then maybe Trader Joe's should invest in better inspectors.