Raspberry Love Toffee

Toffee Creations

For those people out in the world that say all toffee is the same, well my friend, you have no idea what you're talking about. Sure, many Toffee's are similar, not that it's a bad thing, for the most part I love any kind of toffee. However once in a while, particularly with small candy companies, something new comes out that blows my toffee mind. Actually, that really doesn't happen to me that often, maybe once or twice in my life have I been blown away by a toffee.

The thing is the folks at Toffee Creations have decided to mix fruit with Toffee. I use the word "mix" because they didn't just flavour their toffee, oh no, instead they have bits of dried raspberry in and on each chunk of toffee. I know it's real because one of the only drawbacks to this snack is the occasional Raspberry seed gets stuck in your teeth. I assure you this is the kind of drawback I could get used to.

The toffee itself is nice too, it's crunchy, sweet and has just the right amount of toffee burnt flavour. In fact, the flavour of this treat is a lot more detailed than one might think, after all if the toffee flavour was too strong it would kill the flavour from the real raspberries. Fortunately, I still taste both and surprisingly the taste works well together. Did I also mention that while I have a few seeds stuck in my teeth, the toffee itself doesn't stick to your teeth? I'm not sure if this is traditionally a good or bad thing with toffee but in my book it's a good.