Tim Tam "Dark Chocolate"


I always kind of dread doing reviews of treats that are a special edition of a treat that I wasn't a fan of originally. To be fair, when I sampled the original milk chocolate Tim Tams in the past, I didn't buy them in Australia, but in Japan instead. So maybe they're made differently here in Australia where I am when I write this, or maybe they import them and they don't really do well over long distances. I've decided to pretend like I've never tasted a Tim Tam before and start with a clean slate. After all, many Australians I know have fine taste, and they love these...wait a minute, what about Vegemite?

As it turns out these Tim Tams are a bit better than I remember the milk chocolate ones that I tried in Japan. I don't think they're the best cookies ever, but they're not bad. The outer chocolate is a little cheap and waxy, but the cookies are nice and crunchy, and the cream filling is smooth. The dark chocolate flavour is probably stronger than the milk chocolate variety, and I think it's probably an important part of the improvement.

These dark chocolate Tim Tams have redeemed these Australian cookies a little bit. Maybe I'll even try one of the other varieties; maybe they're even better than these. I don’t understand the obsession with these cookies still, but I’m willing to dig a little deeper.