Theobroma Chocolat "Dark"

Vigneault Chocolatier

There's just something about a simple dark chocolate bar that really makes me happy. Don't get me wrong, I use the word “simple” in this case to talk about the number of ingredients rather than the quality of workmanship and complexity of flavours. As you’ll read later the quality of workmanship of this bar is something to be celebrated. This bar is a "simple" dark chocolate bar, but it's also a piece of perfection as well.

Most of the time when I eat plain dark chocolate, I'm very disappointed. It's often waxy, overly bitter, or just not satisfying. Satisfying a good gauge for me to judge a dark chocolate bar, does it fulfill my cravings, even if it's a single bite. This bar did that perfectly, it also melted in my mouth, and left me with a wonderful after taste. It's not easy to get a simple dark chocolate bar right, but these guys did it. It's also very rare to get a good quality dark chocolate that's produced on a fairly large scale.

This bar is a great example of making something simple, yet deep down very complicated. I'm aware of how difficult this is to pull off a high quality dark chocolate, and my hats off to these confectionery masters.