Sugar Babies


To some (and in this case I’m talking to Americans), Sugar Babies are a classic candy that’s been around since 1935. To the rest of the world they’re fairly unknown, that even includes America’s neighbour to the north, Canada. The only reference we have to Sugar Babies is when we’d see commercials for them on TV, or if characters from American television shows would eat them. I say all of this to explain that I have no history with this candy, no memories of eating them when I was a kid. I’m coming at this candy completely objectively, except for the fear of offending any Americans reading this.

Right off the bat I’ll say that these are chewy, I mean really chewy. I wish I could come up with something cleverer and more descriptive, but chewy is a good way to describe these little bites. Although the package says caramel, it really isn't like regular caramel, it's more like a molasses. The candy coating seems to be to encapsulate the caramel rather than to add any flavor. I figure this is important because the caramel is so sticky. There is a strange aftertaste as well, well actually it's not as much a taste as it is a phlegm build up.

These Sugar Babies are a traditional favourite in America, and I don’t really get it. The texture is chewy and that might be your thing, but I think that the flavour’s not that great.