There are three elements to this bar, chocolate, nougat, and strawberry. Let me re-phrase that, there are supposed to be three elements to this bar, chocolate, nougat, and strawberry. The chocolate is there, the nougat is there, the strawberry?.. Well that seems to manifest in the fact that the nougat has a bit of a pink colour to it and that's about it. This is pretty disappointing considering there are many ways you can better use strawberry than a pink coloured nougat.

The chocolate is a fine quality milk chocolate that I really have no complaints about at all. The nougat could be better, it's a little to light for my liking, it feels more like a marshmallow than any kind of nougat. The strawberry, as I mentioned above, is only there in colour, with no flavour at all.

The lack of strawberry did manage to save this bar from doing something that many strawberry treats seem to do, and that's over doing the strawberry flavour. I've tasted many a treat, particularly chocolate based, that just tasted like fake strawberry and nothing else. This bar managed to avoid that, but in doing so eliminated the strawberry flavour entirely.

The balance you need to perfect a good strawberry chocolate bar is difficult to achieve. This bar did not achieve it at all. It does have nice chocolate and the nougat is OK, it's just not strawberry at all.