Special Crisp


I think it’s safe to say that this bar is in fact crispy. The Special Crisp has nice little rice crisps that instantly agree with the name of the bar. It’s good to know that the people at Hershey’s understand the difference between crunchy and crispy. If you’re going to name your bar Special Crisp, it better be crispy and not crunchy.

Although the package promises a peanut butter flavour, it was weak to faint. This is a little disappointing since peanut butter is such a great flavour in candy bars. The caramel, chocolate to crisps balance was nice, it was a great ratio, and that can really make a bar like this work. I never found myself in need of a glass of water because I was never left overly dry or with that need to rinse the sticky caramel out of my mouth. While everything seemed to work fairly well, I still found this treat to be purely average, not bad, but nothing I'll crave in the future either.

I think the reason this bar wasn’t more than average can be discovered when we look at the “special” part of this bar. I have to ask myself was this bar special enough to have the word “special in the name? Well if you mean special like when you sarcastically comment about somebody's achievements and the only lie you could come up with quickly is “special”, than probably so.

The reason this bar doesn’t really belong in the special category is because it really didn't impress me. If something had to be said about it to get through an uncomfortable situation, then sure this bar is special, but as a candy bar it’s a standard collection of common ingredients. The peanut butter didn’t really work out, and everything else is just fine, but nothing out of the ordinary. Special Crisp is an average treat with a strangely deceiving name.