Snickers "Pumpkins"


This is yet another case of a candy bar company changing the shape of a chocolate bar to suit a holiday. Sometimes it works and the treat is as good or better than the original, more often it doesn't. The main problem is that many of these classic candy bars work because they have a perfect ratio of ingredients. When you change the shape or size of a bar you run the risk of altering the ratio, and then possibly ruining the bar entirely. I can't say that I remember a bar ever improving on the original after changing the shape, most of the time it makes it worse.

In this case the bar is not improved, although it's not totally destroyed either. The main differences are in the amount of caramel and nougat. There's a lot more caramel and a lot less nougat in each of these pumpkins. The caramel also seems to be slightly runnier, but that could be my imagination. Because of this imbalance the bar is much softer than a normal Snickers bar. It's almost a caramel filled pumpkin with a few extra ingredients (often found in a Snickers bar).

One great thing about this bar was the look of the pumpkins. They looked pretty sharp and fairly detailed. Sometimes when you get these variations for the holidays, they're just round blobs with light pumpkin details etched on the top. In this case the pumpkin features where clearly part of the mold, and the general shape was very pumpkin like. While taste and texture wise these don't hold up to the regular Snickers bar, as a treat on its own it's pretty good.