Wow! This chocolate bar is amazing. I guess it’s not really a chocolate bar though, it’s more of a chocolate bar hybrid bar. What you have to do is imagine a Snickers bar and a granola bar all in one. Don't get me wrong there is no way that this bar could be good for you in any way, this is not a healthy treat to enjoy. Fortunately, though it tastes pretty good.

While this bar did work out fairly well, a pretty good feat for an amalgamation of two very different kinds of bars, it could be improved. I don’t think it would take much to improve this bar either, the only thing it could use is peanuts. One of the things that makes a Snickers bar a Snickers bar is the peanuts and this doesn't seem to have any. A stronger peanut flavour would take one of the great features of a Snickers bar and might give this bar a bit of a boost.

There might be crushed up peanuts in the granola already, but it seems like the texture could be improved with the addition of full peanuts mixed in. This is a pretty tasty bar, and maybe it’s not going for the Snickers bar flavour. I don’t really see why they wouldn’t since the Snickers flavour is a really good one.