Snickers "Fudge"


I’m starting to get into a bad habit when I write candy reviews. I’m starting to anticipate treats before I eat them based off the package or commercials I see. Sometimes this is a good thing and I’m pleasantly surprised, other times I’m disappointed. Either way it feels like anticipating what a candy is going to be like is not being fair with my opinion of these new treats.

This Snickers Fudge bar was just such a case. When I thought about the words “Snickers” and “fudge”, I assumed that maybe they would replace the nougat you find in a regular Snickers bar with fudge. I also assumed that the rest of the bar would still be the same, in particular I thought it would still have the caramel. The problem is they did the exact opposite of what I thought and it kind of shocked me a little when I took a bite. I’m not sure how this affected my opinion of this bar, but the very fact that I was shocked tells me that it might have swayed my opinions of this bar.

The treat objectively isn’t bad; the fudge was actually real fudge and not just extra chocolate or a fudge you might find in a chocolate sundae. In fact, the fudge in the bar was kind of tasty. I’m a pretty big fan of the regular Snickers bar so I can’t say that it compared or was any better, but it’s not a bad treat on its own. My only real complaint about this bar is that without the caramel the balance was a little off texture wise and I found it was a little dry.