Snickers "Crisper"


I often go down hard on classic candy varieties. Candy varieties are treats that are based on a classic candy, but with a subtle change like substituting milk for dark or white chocolate. I don't like them most of the time because I think they're lazy, candy companies should be investing in brand new treats not just subtle changes to the classics. They're also almost never as good as the original, I would take out the word "almost" but I want to cover myself for any future changes. This Snickers Crisper has both of these problems, it feels lazy and it’s not nearly as good as the classic Snicker’s bar. The strange thing however is that I don't mind it. Objectively as a bar it's not bad, and it kind of works in the Snickers family of candy bars.

I'm not saying that this bar is exactly like a Snickers bar only crispier, but there's certainly something Snickers like about this bar and it is crispier. The thing that's missing from this bar, as opposed to the classic Snickers, is density. Snickers is one of the densest candy bars on the market, they sell themselves as being a filling snack, and the density is really the reason why they can pull it off. This bar is certainly not as dense, and not as filling either as the classic Snickers bar. The reason this bar doesn’t feel as filling is the lack of peanuts. I understand that they decided to take out some of the peanuts to replace them with rice crisps, but that really changes this bar a lot from an original Snickers bar.

Flavour wise it's pretty close to a Snickers bar but it’s still missing something. Fortunately, rice crisps don't really affect the flavour of this bar, so this helped keep the Snickers flavour. The lack of nuts is noticeable, as compared to the flavour and texture of a regular Snickers bar, but it still kind of works. I won't say that this bar is equal to a Snickers bar by any stretch, but it's not too bad.