Snack Barz


This treat is pretty simple, it's basically a peanut butter rice crispy square with a bit of chocolate on top. After writing that out I realised that maybe it isn't that simple as I thought it was. It’s actually a somewhat clever idea wrapped up in several simple candy concepts. All of these elements are commonly found in the candy world, but I’m not sure if any bar has them all together.

The only thing about this Snack Barz is that I'm not sure if the sticky stuff holding the rice crisps together is marshmallow since it has more of a honey or syrup like consistency. The peanut butter tastes ok, but I'm not certain that there’s any real peanut butter in the bar either. After finishing this bar, I didn't find any traces of real peanut butter, so it might just be flavoring. Fortunately, the flavouring is pretty good, and it works well enough with this bar.

The ingredients mention peanuts but without a crunch in sight I couldn't find any evidence. The whole concept of this bar, mixing well-known candy bar ingredients with rice crisps is a good one. I just think they could have pulled it off a little better. For this bar to work better it needs more real peanut butter, more chocolate, and more marshmallow.