Smarties Bar


Trying to describe the Smarties bar is a little complicated, it is fun candy-coated chocolate covered in chocolate. I can try and put it another way, this bar is a chocolate-covered, candy-covered chocolate. The idea seems pretty simple, but for some reason I don't get it. I think there might be too much chocolate in this bar if you can believe that. If you take break down the ingredients of this bar basically it is a chocolate bar with bits of candy shell floating around it.

Even though explain this bar is kind of complicated the bar itself is not bad. It's nice quality chocolate smooth and creamy and melts just right. The colourful candy shells floating around the bar give it a little texture. It’s a simple bar with a bit of a gimmick attached to it.

Now for you Americans out there these aren't the Smarties your used to, the candies floating in this bar are more like M&M's and not those little candy-pill like things you always get on Halloween. While the bar works fairly well, there is one thing that makes me a little upset about this bar, you really don't get to see the Smarties. I thought that I would get a colourful candy explosion on each bite, but instead the Smarties seem to break apart and the colour is lost in the chocolate.

I guess all in all this Smarties Bar is okay, it's just not as spectacular as I had hoped it would be.