The Skybar comes from a chocolate bar trend that’s pretty much dead today. In the 1970s and 1980s it was very popular to have chocolate bars that would feature a collection of flavours in each bar. I’m not sure why this trend has gone away, but you really don’t see it much on the shelf anymore. The only time I see them is in candy stores that are featuring retro candy. Obviously, they’re still being made, but not in the abundance I remember as a kid. So, let’s look at these four flavors to choose from in this Skybar and fortunately none of them fruity. I think the best way to review this bar is to sort them by flavour:

Caramel – The caramel square is not too bad. I’m not sure that it would hold up to a square of Caramilk, but it’s pretty good. The caramel has a firm texture to it and isn’t too goopy. The flavour of the caramel is subtle but still manages to work with the milk chocolate coating.

Peanut - I had to really search for the peanut flavour in these squares. This is pretty surprising since peanut is a pretty powerful nut flavour compared to most nuts. Unfortunately, the peanut ended up tasting more like the caramel than anything peanut.

Vanilla – Of all the flavours of this bar I think the vanilla was kind of nasty. Vanilla is a hard flavour to master, and in this case, it feels like Necco really missed the boat. The vanilla cream inside the square tasted more like a bad marshmallow cream than a vanilla cream.

Fudge – While the fudge squares didn’t taste too fudgy, it's not too bad. Filling a square of chocolate with fudge can be a challenge since it’s naturally competing with the chocolate coating. I wouldn’t call this a huge success, but I wouldn’t mind eating it again either.