If I eat this will I be a karate champ? Will I be able to throw a boomerang? Will I be able to stand next to a super hero while wearing tights and help them solve crimes? The name Sidekick is a little strange for a candy bar name if you think about it. Why would any candy want to be a sidekick when you could be a super hero instead? It’s implying that this bar might not be the most important candy bar, it might be secondary to another, or even several others. It suggests that this bar is second best. Even if I’m not a super hero when eating this bar, I might get crazy and attack people with a mad sugar rush.

I’m sure you’re wondering if this bar is second best, I’m not sure where it ranks, but it’s not that bad. The Sidekick bar takes elements that always work in a chocolate bar and puts them together with a good balance. A good balance is important for a bar as well, you don’t want one ingredient taking over the flavour and texture of a bar. It's also nice to see Hershey try something new and not just adjust an already popular treat. There are so many chocolate bars in the world that are just variations of already classic bars, but this bar is something brand new.

Novelty wise. This bar really anything that unique but I don't think Hershey had this in mind when they came up with it. This Sidekick bar is something new and hopefully something that will be around for a long time to come.