Organic Dark Chocolate "with Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper"

Salazon Chocolate Co.

The logic of this bar is a little disconnected, but there is a logic. As any candy fanatic knows, chocolate and salt go well together. Any cook knows that salt and pepper go hand in hand as well. So, the logic of this bar is if you have a common connecting ingredient, everything should work out perfectly. While on paper this kind of thinking is true, in reality it rarely works.

That's not to say that this bar is bad. The chocolate is a great quality, there's a little more salt than in most bars, but it still works well. The pepper is crushed fairly small and the flavour is not too strong. Most importantly the balance is fairly good as well. There's no point that I feel I'm inundated with any one of the ingredients. I think my problem with this bar is that I felt that the pepper really didn't improve the salted chocolate combination.

The pepper flavour felt more like a gimmick than an improvement. The flavour seemed to go in and out at each chew, one second it tastes fairly peppery and then it's chocolatier. But even when the flavours did meld a little, I never got the sense that they worked together. Instead it felt like I was eating this bar to prove a point, the point being that I just ate a chocolate bar with pepper. I never really got the feeling that I was tasting something unique or interesting.

The best comparison I can give this bar, in the novelty category, is like eating chocolate covered bugs. The chocolate covered bugs don't really taste better or worse than the quality of the chocolate that they're covered in. The thing that makes them "unique" is the fact that you can say that you ate a bug.