Well these things had to be one of the biggest surprises I've ever had. I say this because I had no clue what the heck they were. This is yet another case of having no idea how to read Japanese while attempting to eat a Japanese candy. The only words I could get off of the package were Qun, which I assume is the name of this treat, and the brand name Meiji.

As for how they tasted, I would have to say that they tasted great, but the texture was a little odd. The texture was gummy but like no other gummy I've tried before, it was much rubberier than most gummies I’ve tasted before. The taste couldn't have been more powerful, it was lemon, but it was so strong a flavour that no man has ever endured anything like this before. So, what you have is a super powerful lemon gummy that’s really hard to chew. That might seem weird, but it kind of worked.

All in all, these Qun aren't so bad, I just wish I knew what they were, and why they’re so chewy.

This week we have a special treat, I decided to ask two of my friends, who were daring enough, to help me rate this mystery snack:

Tom - Qun - "A tasty Odyssey": The first impression, beyond seeing it come out of the package is... touch. It's squishy! It's bright yellow! Oddly enough it's quite a refreshing lemony... Qun!

Janet - Yellow + smushy = Qun: The phrase that best describes this treat is, "What would a worm feel like if a yummy fruitful flavour was promised?" The answer is available in the lovely white/yellow packet shown above.