Grape Tablets


So, what are two random things one could put together that would peak someone’s interest so much that they might blow a few bucks on a candy. Well apparently, some people figured a cow and grapes would do the trick, and they got lucky with me. Interestingly all that you get with this candy are grape flavoured tablets that really have nothing to do with cows at all. There’s nothing creamy or milky about these tablets that I can taste or see. Maybe the cows are just represented for people who enjoy them too. Maybe these are grape candies for cow fanatics? Do cow fanatics exist, and are they an important market in the candy world?

I do know that I didn’t mind these purple tablets too much. I’m not fanatical about tablet candies, mainly because I don’t really get what the appeal is supposed to be. I’m not even really sure how you’re supposed to eat them, if you’re supposed to suck or crunch them. These tablets have a nice (but kind of fake) grape flavour. They also have a strange crunch, which leads me to believe that I shouldn’t be crunching them.

I say it’s strange because most tablets crunch into dust in your mouth when you eat them, but these didn’t. Instead they seem to shatter into pieces and only after a few chews do they eventually crush into powder. It’s not uncomfortable in the mouth or anything just different.