Pure Gummy "Grape Gummy"


This gummy is one of the best examples I’ve ever tasted for a subtle gummy. When l talk about a subtle flavour or texture I don’t mean weak. Weak, particularly when you’re talking about flavour means that the candy is flavourless. Subtle means that the flavour is there, but it doesn’t blow your taste buds out of the water. There is a way to make a flavour subtle and still be enjoyable, weak flavours are never good.

The great thing about this candy is that it’s subtle in many different ways. It’s a pleasant sweet, grape and sour flavour that balances very well without blowing your socks off. The texture works really well with the subtle flavour as well. I would also describe it as subtle, but in simpler terms I would call it soft but not too squishy. It has a nice texture where your teeth sink into it without any sore jaw problems.

While the subtlety, texture, and ratio of flavours is great, there is one fatal flaw that takes this gummy down a few points on flavour. The grape flavour isn’t that great. It tastes like a very fake grape flavour with a hint of perfume. With the subtlety of the flavour I think a realistic grape flavour would have been a better way to go. It’s really disappointing because every other aspect of this candy was pretty dead on.