Pop It! Chocoballs

Pham Nguyen Confectionery

I'll be honest, I bought this bag of "chocoballs" because of the slogan on the package. It says "Smacking Suck Crispy Chew" on the front of this bag, and I was curious. I was curious about how one candy could possibly fill each one of these texture experiences. My first thought was that I wasn't even sure what "smacking" was in the first place. Based on the pictures on the bag I assumed that these might be some kind of malt ball. I'm not sure if a malt ball could fill all of these texture descriptors, but maybe these were special malt balls.

After biting into one, I wasn't sure if these were malt balls after all. They have a similar texture when you crunch them, but when you suck them there aren’t malt ball like at all. Malt balls melt in your mouth pretty quickly when you suck on them, and these did not melt at all. If you crunch these, they're similar to malt balls, but if you suck them the chocolate eventually melts and the nugget in the middle doesn't budge at all.

Eventually after a long time sucking the nugget in the middle did break down, but it was really slow. This led me to believe that these might be little balls of some kind of processed cookie instead. It seemed like some kind of very processed tasting butter cookie, only without the butter flavour. The balls are actually fairly flavourless, and so is the chocolate.

In general, it felt like these Pop It! Chocoballs were made on the cheap, and while they are crispy, I don't think they're much fun to suck on and they're certainly not chewy. As for smacking, well I'm really not sure what that means in the first place so I don’t really have an opinion. So, these really aren’t that great, and they don’t fulfill all of the promised textures as described on the package.