One of the most underrated but becoming more and more popular snacks in North America is Pocky. There is a trend these days for Japanese candy in North America, and no other candy is as well represented in North America as Pocky. You can dig a little deeper and find weirder Asian/Japanese candy in North America, but none of them are as common or iconic as Pocky. Best of all this treat is not something that will scare people away, it’s friendly to the Asian and Western pallet.

Pocky are basically long chocolate covered cookies covered in chocolate, but man are they great. The crunch of the cookie is very satisfying, each bite gives me a satisfying snap. The chocolate is of a decent quality, and it balances really well with the cookie stick. Leave it to the Japanese to make a simple yet tasty snack like these. While this treat may not seem overtly Japanese, the fact that the design is so precise really feels Japanese.

If you manage to find some Pocky (I recommend Chinatown if you’re in the Toronto area), pick them up. Their great as a walking snack or if you want something to munch on while you’re working.