Pocky "Mango Flavour"


This might be one of the most fascinating variation of Pocky flavour ever. There are hundreds of flavours of Pocky, both official and made by other brands, but this one really hits the nail right on the head. It's not because the flavour is complicated, or different, it's because it works extremely well to the theme. On the surface it looks like these are just a mango flavoured Pocky, but there's a lot more to these than that. The first thing worth noting is that there's Thai writing on the package, that's because it was bought in Thailand, and made by Glico Thailand. After knowing that, the elephants and temple like buildings in the background make a little more sense, and also make it seem even more authentically Thai.

That's great to know and all, but why then does the fact that this is Thai make it very clever? The answer is mango, in particular creamy mango. If you visit Thailand, one of the flavours you'll find everywhere is mango. One of the most popular ways to serve mango is with cream, mango drinks with coconut milk and the world-famous mango sticky rice are two great examples. So, it's safe to say that creamy mango is a sweet flavour that really represents Thai food very well. These are not simply mango flavoured Pocky, since the "chocolate" coating on the outside with mango flavour gives it a creamy flavour as well. Basically, when you bite into one of these mango Pocky, your mouth is transported to Thailand, and that’s a pretty amazing feat for a stick of Pocky.

As for the quality of the treat it's no doubt that the flavour works fairly well. You might be able to improve it a bit if you went beyond mango flavour and tried adding some real dried mango to these sticks. Having said that the mango flavour isn't that bad. The texture is simple, and what you expect from classic Pocky, so it works perfectly well.

This is a treat that is surprisingly clever and really represents a lot more than just mango flavoured Pocky. They should change the name to something a little more representative of what it is, and maybe call it Thai Delight, or Mango Crunchy Stick.