Pocky "Chocolate Powder"


There are two reasons this Pocky may not deliver what you’re expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very good, it’s just not everything I was hoping it would be. The first let down is a technical problem that I think as a packaged product can never be fixed. There really isn’t that much powder on the outside of these sticks. In the perfect world if you ran your finger along each stick, you’d have brown powder all over your fingers. In reality I had to lick my finger and rub the stick several times before I even got a hint of a stain.

The second problem with these isn’t as much a problem, as something I’d do differently. From what I can tell, the powder on the outside of these is closer to a hot chocolate mix than it is to pure cocoa. I think pure cocoa would make these Pocky shine. The chocolate mix while good, makes these taste like you’re eating hot chocolate. I enjoyed the hot chocolate flavour, but I would really like to try these with a bit more bitter cocoa flavour. You could even play with the types of chocolate under the bitter dark cocoa powder to create some fun variations.

These are very good Pocky, and I just spent two paragraphs nit picking over two small details. In fact, I think you should go out and try these right now. I also think Glico should expand this line to include other flavours of chocolate with a cocoa powder coating. Almond Pocky comes to mind first, but even the fruity flavours like strawberry might be fun as well.