Pocky "Choco Banana Flavour"


This is an interesting dilemma; you see I've already reviewed these... sort of. A few years back I reviewed a Choco Banana Pocky made by Glico. I don't remember exactly where I bought them, but I assume it was somewhere in Asia or maybe in an Asian community in North America. Then a few days ago I came across these Choco Banana Pocky, and bought them having forgotten that I did the review in the past. This is not a rare occurrence; I've been writing candy reviews for a while and I don't always remember every review I've ever written. The difference is that most of the time when I double up on a review, I call it a loss and just enjoy the treat with no review, but this time something happened.

For some reason these Pocky looked different to me. I thought that I remembered the Choco Banana Pocky having chocolate stripes on it. I'm not sure what made me remember that detail, but I decided to look back on my old review and see if I was right. As it turns out I was right, they did have milk chocolate stripes. More interesting is the fact that my favorite feature about the Choco Banana Pocky before was the cool stripes. So how does this version play out now?

Well as you can imagine, I like these Pocky slightly less than the original Choco Banana Pocky. In fact, I think in hindsight, I really don't care for these Pocky much at all. Fake banana is one of my least favorite flavours and this latest version of Choco Banana Pocky is full of it. Worst of all they took away one of the interesting aesthetic features of the original version, the neat looking stripes. It's not often that I hate a Pocky, but this is pretty much that.