Pinky "Cola Mint"


I look at the package and only one real question comes to mind... No, I lie, two questions come to mind, but for now we'll ignore the monkey drinking a coke. The question I have is, are these Pinky Cola Mints mint flavoured or cola flavoured. More importantly if they were both, then why would I want to eat them? So now back to the over caffeinated monkey. Now that I think about it, the idea of a caffeinated monkey seems pretty entertaining.

Right off the bat, I’m very happy because they're not mint flavoured at all, its just cola. It's a pretty strong cola flavour too. It's a little sourer than I would have expected, considering cola really isn't sour at all. That leaves me wondering why these are sour. Maybe it's more of that monkey's shenanigans, after all he’s hoped up on caffeine. There are a couple of other problems with these candies, even beyond the sour flavour. First of all, these things can't really be doing much for my breath, which is generally why people eat mints. Secondly, I taste a little bit of a soapy flavour, it's not as bad as Thrills Gum or Parma Violets, but it's kind of gross.

I'm not sure why someone would want to eat these; they have a slightly nasty flavour, with no breath freshening potential. I have to admit that although I do like most cola flavoured candies, I always wonder why chose it over a can of cola? That flavour really only works perfectly when it's accompanied by a little carbonation.