I’m not sure what the origin of the name of this bar (Picnic) is, but I think it’s really appropriate for several reasons. I think this bar would make a great addition to any picnic, it’s a moderate sized bar, and although it will melt a bit, it’s fairly durable. I also think that this bar represents a picnic really well. To me a picnic is a combination of many portable foods that work well together to give you a fun and satisfying meal. Picnics are also great to be eaten outdoors, and I can’t see any reason why this Picnic bar wouldn’t be the same. While the connection might seem a little weak at first, when you think about it, it’s not too far off.

The great thing about this bar, besides the connection I feel it has to eating food outside, is the fact that it’s a combination of candy bar ingredients that works. Every single ingredient in this bar has proven to work in combination with chocolate in the past. Many of these ingredients, maybe even all of them, have also proven to work with each other in the past. So, you might think that putting them all together would be an easy feat, but it’s not. While ingredients might work well together on paper, there’s one factor that can make or break a bar like this, and that’s ratio. If you have a bar with two ingredients, or a bar with five ingredients (like this one), it’s important that each ingredient is portioned in the right amount.

This bar has such a great ratio of ingredients, that I had a hard time tasting or feeling (I mean in the texture) each individual ingredient. The bar was not a collection of ingredients, but it was one thing made up of several ingredients. Each ingredient was so wall balanced that it just melded together perfectly. I don’t think you could subtract any one ingredient, and had there been even a little bit of imbalance this treat might not have been so good. From the wafers in the middle to the chocolate on the outside, everything just felt like it belonged.

The ingredients in this bar are not that new, but how well they’re blended together is something pretty special. There’s a certain attention to detail in how this bar is put together that makes it much better than the sum of its parts. It’s a really tasty bar, and perfect for any picnic.