Petit Bit "Chocolate Almond"


How can you hide such a nice little candy in such a plain design? There are about a million ways you could get this chocolate treat wrong. Cheap chocolate, losing the almond by crushing them up too much, bad ratio of ingredients, there are dozens of ways of ruining what looks like a really simple idea, but Bourbon didn't do any of them. The chocolate is a little dark, smooth, and the whole almond is crunchy. Each little individually wrapped chocolate has a great balance of flavour and texture, and lets the flavour of the chocolate and the almond work together.

It even feels like they took the effort towards the size of the almonds in each square. Not one of the squares had any almond sticking out of the chocolate coating. Each almond seemed to be matched to the squares perfectly. I really enjoyed eating these, and I was totally surprised by the level of detail.

I was mostly surprised because the package is kind of underwhelming. Each square is wrapped in a fairly basic foil, and each cube is fairly boring. There's nothing visually interesting about this chocolate treat at all. I've eaten chocolates that look twice as fancy as these and been very disappointed, but these are simple in every way until you put them in your mouth. I'm not sure if I would suggest that they change these to make them appear fancier. I wouldn't want them to focus on looks if it takes anything away from the nice balance these have in taste and texture.

There's nothing about these that indicates that you're eating something great, until you put it in your mouth and crunch down on the almond.