August 2023

Pejoy "Chocolate Taste"


I'm going to start this review off with a possible beef I might have. I say “possible” because I can't read the package which I believe is Thai. However I get the feeling that this package was supposed to contain 5 sticks of Pejoy, or 5 Pejoys, I'm not really sure what's the correct way to say this. The reason I believe this is because there is a large number 5 on the upper left hand corner. The reason I have a beef is that if this is the case, I only got 4. This might seem like a small problem, but it tells me that the folks at Glico don't take as much care with their Pejoy, as they do with with other products like Pocky. I generally find that when candy companies slip on details, the snack follows suit.

The strange thing is, these chocolate cream filled cookie sticks are actually pretty good. The overpowering flavour is the chocolate, with the cookie only there to hold in the chocolate and give it a bit of a crunch. I think these could be improved with a bit more flavour to the cookies. If you're to take Glico's popular treat, the Pocky as an example, you'll find that a slight buttery flavoured cookie can compliment chocolate (or even chocolate cream) very well. As it stands now this is really a one note treat, flavour wise.

While the flavour is a little weak, I think the texture of the cookie is actually pretty good. It has a lot more crunch than I expected. I thought the cookie coating might be like a soggy wafer, but it actually had some pretty good snap to it. These were generally pretty good, and I would certainly recommend them, but if you're looking for 5 Pejoys, you might leave hungry for one more.