Smarties Bar "Peanut Butter"


Since when did they make Smarties with peanut butter? I’ve been a fan of Smarties (the Canadian/British version) for my entire life. One of the things I always appreciated about them is that they stuck to the classic design of a candy shell around smooth milk chocolate. In recent years they have expanded a bit, adding peanuts to their classic treat, but this bar doesn’t make sense at all. I’ve never seen peanut butter Smarties before in my life, and now suddenly they’re in a bar? I mean, why in the world would you make such a bar without making just peanut butter Smarties? What kind of world is this?!

After taking a few breaths, calming down, and biting into this bar I'm even more upset. I can barely taste the peanut butter in this Smarties Bar Peanut Butter, what's the deal? You would think if you’re going to introduce a new flavour to a classic candy, you might want to make sure you can really taste the new flavour. The chocolate is a little odd as well; it's overly smooth and unnaturally creamy. It seems to have a bit of a fake flavour to it and I can't say I'm a big fan. All of this and the candy coating of the Smarties basically turns this bar into a gritty chocolate mess.

I have a note to the people at Nestle: Make peanut butter Smarties! Leave the bar out and just give me the Smarties with good quality peanut butter!

Update: I've discovered that I was wrong, they do in fact make peanut butter Smarties on their own, but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm not a big fan of this bar.