PB & Joy "Peanut Butter & Chocolate"

Hummingbird Chocolate

If you’re a fan of peanut butter cups, you might be a little disappointed with this bar. If you’re a chocolate connoisseur (or snob), you’ll probably love this bar. When I got this bar, I was expecting a nice dark chocolate with either a peanut butter filling, or at the very least a strong peanut flavour. It seemed (according to the package), that the folks at Hummingbird Chocolates were trying an interesting play on flavours. We all know that chocolate and peanut butter work well together, and we also know that fruit (like jam) works well with peanut butter. So, what Hummingbird suggested is that they would mix a high-quality fruity chocolate with peanut butter. This is a very innovative and new idea. It’s the kind of chocolate creativity and skill that only a fine chocolate company can pull off, and would excite any chocolate snob in the world.

This kind of detail in chocolate making is truly rare indeed, and there aren’t that many chocolate companies that can pull off a good fruity chocolate. Hummingbird pulled off the fruity chocolate perfectly. It has that cocoa flavour yet it reminds us that chocolate is also a fruit. The problem however is with the peanut butter. Actually, the peanut butter flavour was fine, it was just so weak that the strong dark fruity chocolate almost completely blew it away. I had to really think about it to be able to get any hint of peanut butter. If it wasn’t written on the package, I wouldn’t have even known it was there (the peanut butter was blended into the chocolate so there was no visual or textural indicators).

This was a very good bar, and I think it’s a great example of a high end dark fruity chocolate. I really wish the peanut butter was more prominent, maybe even a thin layer of peanut butter filling would have worked. The potential for this concept (a fruity chocolate with peanut butter) is brilliant, it just needed a bit better ratio of chocolate to peanut butter flavour (and maybe a peanut butter texture).