Pay Day "Honey Roasted"


Here's a new trend in the candy world, and you saw it first here on Candy Critic. I've noticed the candy world is full of honey, everything has honeycomb, honey-roasted peanuts, or honey whatever. It’s a trend that seems to be filling up candies and being stuffed into chocolate bars. Strangely, you really don't see one of the most obvious honey flavoured things, and that’s pure and simple honey. I'm not sure how you would sell honey candy but I'm surprised its not used more often in the candy world. I think it would be a really simple candy to manufacture, and you could label it as all natural as well.

Well back to this Pay Day variety. Frankly, it really didn't do much for me at all. In my review of the Pay Day classic I mentioned that I didn't like the peanuts, like they tasted bad or something was wrong with them. Turns out that it wasn’t the specific bar I was eating because the same goes for this bar as well. The honey-roasted aspect of the peanuts didn't help either, in fact it made it a little too sweet. Instead of a different flavour to the peanuts, I tasted the same kind of gross peanuts, only really sweet.

I have to say I really don't seem to like the Pay Day that much. So far changing the peanuts hasn't helped either. I’m not sure if it’s really worth trying other kinds of Pay Day bars because even when they changed one of the elements I thought I didn’t like, I actually hated the bar a little more.