Pay Day


The Pay Day lacks something and adds something that just isn't right. What the Pay Day bar is lacking I'm not too sure. What it could do without is the salt on the peanuts. While I can’t tell you what this bar is lacking, it certainly isn’t salted peanuts. There’s a great imbalance in this bar, and it’s really causing me to wonder why so many people love this bar. I think the imbalance is mostly in the flavour, although another texture wouldn’t hurt either.

The flavour imbalance could be something in the design of this bar. It could be that the peanuts on my Pay Day were bad. That would explain the weird salty flavour and the lacking of flavour from the rest of the bar. All I can say is that there was something wrong with the peanuts in this bar, it could have been a bad batch of peanuts, or it could be that this bar needs something to balance out the peanuts that they use.

While I’m not a big fan of this bar, I should give credit where credit is due. The Pay Day is a very original bar, which is something we need more of nowadays. Sure, I wish they could have pulled off the balance of ingredients a little better, I did enjoy the fact that I’ve never had a bar like this before.