Tare Panda


This is probably one of the strangest candies I’ve ever reviewed on this page. I’m not sure what exactly things are called, because I don’t read Japanese (If you can read this package let me know). It’s always a gamble when you buy a treat with no English on the package, you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you can taste the candy inside a package with no English writing on it, and still have no idea what your eating. There is some clue as to what might be inside based on the package, but all I can see is that it’s some kind of pink peanut shaped thing.

After opening the package, I can say that the visual description on the outside isn’t that far off. While the candy certainly looks kind of like a pink peanut, that’s where the similarity ends. This candy is a cookie, coated with a synthetic strawberry flavored chocolate. The cookie had a fairly fine crunch but the strawberry was a little chalky. Flavour wise it was all pretty much fake strawberry.

I probably wouldn't get these again but they weren’t totally horrible either. I was able to eat more than one but anything more than this package would have been too much. The worst part of this cookie treat was a slightly pasty feeling left in my mouth after eating them.


Here's what the package says:
"Tare panda"
"Choco snack"
"soft capsules inside"
"strawberry flavour"
"Really Like!"