Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar


I have to say that one of the finest things in life is a chocolate-covered Oreo cookie, particularly a mini one. Chocolate and Oreo cookie is a natural combination, so I figured this bar had to be a sure fire hit since the main ingredients are Oreo cookies and chocolate. The thing is, this Oreo Chocolate Candy bar is nothing like an Oreo cookie covered in chocolate. This bar has a very different texture than an Oreo cookie and the flavour isn't that strong. For a bar that’s supposed to represent an Oreo covered in chocolate, it kind of fails.

If they wanted to simulate an Oreo covered in chocolate, maybe they could have used two cookies and sandwiched the creme in the middle, instead of just layering the cream on top and covering it in chocolate. The way this bar was put together just didn’t make me think Oreo cookie, and since it’s in the name, that seems a little weird.

This isn't to say that I don't like this Oreo bar; it's really good. The chocolate is great, and although it doesn't taste like a chocolate-covered Oreo, the treat is good. The chocolate is really the saving grace of this bar I think; it's really smooth and a little chewy. It works with the cookie-like center. However, the cream doesn't really add anything except for looks, in my opinion.